Why Many Trump Conservatives Oppose the White House DACA Amnesty Plan

Let us preface our objections by saying that we are strong defenders and supporters of President Trump. We have been on the front lines defending him. We think he is doing a great job and does not get the recognition he deserves. He knocked it of the ball park with his “State of the Union” address.

Many were drawn to Donald Trump in 2016 because of his tough talk and promises on immigration and trade and we believe firmly those issues helped him carry blue states in the “Rust Belt”. We knew it would take time to implement parts of his immigration platform, but we were willing to be patient. We even realized that we may have to elect more Republicans to Congress in 2018 that support the “Trump Doctrine” so there would be enough votes to pass his immigration agenda.

ObamaCare showed us that, oftentimes, passing the wrong solution is much worse than not passing a solution at all. We strongly believe that the White House Amnesty Plan is the wrong solution. Pres. Trump ended Barack Obama’s Unconstitutional DACA executive order and by doing so, he fulfilled a campaign promise. DACA needs to expire and not be extended unless Democrats are willing to support a plan like the “Securing America’s Future Act” that was introduced by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

Since Congressional Democrats are obstructionists, we pledge to work hard in 2018 to replace them with Republicans that would support a stricter immigration reform plan like Rep. Goodlatte’s plan. Americans deserve an immigration plan that truly puts American workers first – not profits of big business.

We list the objections below that we have with the “White House Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security”. We encourage you to read the plan.



  • It puts Amnesty First, not the wall first – The plan grants amnesty first to at least 1.8 folks illegally in this country. It creates a trust fund to build the wall. Under this plan, amnesty could be granted, and later, the wall funding trust fund can be depleted or not used for the wall. The building of the wall could also be halted.
  • Proper screening not done – Folks applying don’t have to produce documentation like school records to show they were bought to this country when they say they were. Many were granted DACA status under the Obama Administration without the proper documentation.
  • Chain Migration Component – Future chain migration would be halted, but it would not be applied retroactively and the estimated 4 million folks in the chain migration “backlog “would be processed and allowed to come to this country.
  • The plan would add eventually add at least 6 million new Democrat voters – This would be enough to flip the states of Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona blue. Reagan granted amnesty in 1986 and the only thing it accomplished was add new Democrat voters.
  • It grants a path to citizenship for 1.8 million – A path to citizenship for those that break our immigration laws should not be even considered.
  • It doesn’t include mandatory E-verify – Mandatory E-verify is a key part of any border security plan.


We ask you to contact your U.S. Congressman and Senators and ask them not to support the White House plan. Some Progressives have begun to call for Democrats to accept the plan. This is far too important to take chances. Contact information at the link below.




Debbie Dooley – Atlanta Tea Party, National Tea Party Co-founder

Emery McLendon – Indiana Tea Party Leader

Col Rob Manness – Chairman of GatorPAC and Founder of Iron Liberty Group

Mike Michaels – Founder of the “Tea Party” FaceBook Group (99,000 members)

Cynthia Lucas Martin – 9/12 Tea Party Committee  Stuart FL