will carry the “live stream” of the CNN protest tomorrow.  You may also view it on Main Street Patriots FaceBook Page.

Read the latest news below:

CNN Fake News Protest Picking up Steam Following Leftist Attack on GOP Lawmakers and Staff

***Glad to announce that Chris Cox and Bikers For Trump will attend the CNN Protest.  There are also folks coming from as far away as Orlando and Daytona Beach, FL.*** Check our FaceBook Page for sign suggestions.

Daily Wire –
Trump Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters Over ‘Fake News’

Citizens for Trump FaceBook Live Video about CNN Protest

Breitbart Article –
Trump Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta to Decry Fake News

 CNN Learns The Price For Spreading Fake News & Hysteria As Conservatives March On HQ

More info – FaceBook Event Page

Saturday June 17th 11:00am EDT – 12:30pm EDT
CNN Center –
190 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

From Daily Wire – Viral Fake News Screenshot Montage

CNN Issues Breaking News Special Report that Trump Got two scoops of ice cream

Examples of CNN Fake News: (Click link)
Provided by @eddiecarl446 on Twitter –

1. Comey wasn’t granted more resources for investigation
2. Comey will say he didn’t tell Trump he wasn’t under invest.
3. Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing
4. Trump is under investigation by the FBI
5. Trump pulled the MLK bust out of WH
6. Carter Paige colluded with Russia
7. Trump dossier is true
8. Trump had two scoops of ice cream
9. Flynn is spilling the beans on Trump
10.Trump will fire Spicer
11. Hillary has 90% chance of winning
12. Comey is a Boy Scout and apolitical
13. Trump fired Comey over invest.
14. Trump has no path to 270
15. Donna Brazile didn’t give debate q’s to Hillary
16.Hillary didn’t say she wanted open borders in a speech

Decades of  CNN Fake News

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