The Atlanta Falcons went into the locker room at half time with a 21-3 lead over the New England Patriots during this year’s Super Bowl.  The Falcons came out on fire to start the game and dominated the first half.

In the 3rd quarter, the Falcons offense began to sputter and it was apparent they had pivoted from agressively driving the ball down the field to put points on the board to playing it safe to just protect the lead. The Falcons offense was complacent and was going to rely on their defense to stop Brady the 2nd half and win the game.  Many viewed that as a huge mistake against a competitor like Tom Brady.

The Falcons defense played great the 3rd quarter and held Brady’s Patriots to just 6 points. The problem was since the offense wasn’t moving the ball well, the defense grew tired and  Tom Brady maneuvered a comeback for the ages as the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, I see a similiar scenerio playing out among many Trump supporters. They worked hard to elect Donald Trump President in 2016. They had passion, sacrificed their time, and did everything in their power to make sure he won the Presidency.   Trump won and proved the pundits wrong.  He had effectively ended the Clinton Regime. Many Trump supporters mistakenly believed the fight was over when he won the Presidency, when in fact, the fight was just beginning.

Once President Trump took office,  the left took to the streets in huge numbers to protest his Presidency and to stop the agenda that got him elected. The members of the astro-turf Resist Trump movement are passionate and are willing to pullout all the stops to prevent the President  from enacting his campaign promises. (Of course, many are also being paid.)

You have fake news outlets and others that were emboldened by the sheer numbers of folks that turned out at marches and protests aimed at stopping President Trump. It is a daily barrage of attacks and talk of impeachment. Trump supporters will take to social media and make phone calls to elected officials supporting President Trump, but have not taken to the streets in the numbers the left is able to turn out. It isn’t because they no longer support President Trump with the vigor they did in 2016, it is because they have become complacent like the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Main Street Patriots organized nationwide “Spirit of America” Rallies at the end of February and beginning of March.  There were 200 local rallies held across the nation. The attendance was great, but still didn’t come close to the attendance of the protests of the Resist movement.  Others groups have held pro-Trump rallies with similiar results.  There have been two protests at CNN that were hugely successful, but the crowds should have been much bigger.

It appears many Trump supporters are making the same mistake  the Atlanta Falcons made during the Super Bowl – they are sitting back and playing it safe.

It is time for Trump supporters to show the same passion  defending President Trump as they did in helping get him elected.  If Trump supporters show up at at rallies and protests close to the same numbers as the Resist movement does,  you wouldn’t be witnessing the feeding frenzy the left and media outlets like CNN, NY Times, and Washington Post are engaged in to bring down President Trump.

Trump supporters are at a crossroads.  Will they do as the Falcons did in the Super Bowl and play it safe or will they begin to “play agressively”again and support President Trump by showing up at events in numbers to match the left?

President Trump is one of the biggest fighters I have ever seen in politics. Isn’t it time his supporters begin to fight with the fierceness we have seen from our “Commander in Chief” ?

Main Street Patriots is urging Trump supporters to take the fight to the left by showing up at Democrat Congressional Town Halls and calling them out for their failed policies of ObamaCare, etc.

The next CNN Fake News Protest will be held on August 19th in Atlanta.

Time to get engaged, the stakes couldn’t be higher.