There is a disturbing trend from many on the left, operating as bullies, to erase history by removing Confederate statues that had stood for years. Many break the law by vandalizing the statues.  They claim those that fought with on the side of the Confederacy were fighting to protect the abhorrent institution of slavery so their memory deserved to be dishonored and erased. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it is a travesty to state that.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu spent millions of dollars removing Confederate statues, when he should have been more worried about whether or not the pumps that keep areas of New Orleans from flooding were functioning.  I am quiet certain there are many that will not be visiting New Orleans any time soon.  It is political correctness run amok.

The overwhelming majority of soliders that fought valiantly for the Confederacy didn’t even own land, much less slaves.  They were simply protecting their homeland from an invading Northern Army and their memories do not deserve to be dishonored.

Take for example, my 2nd great grandfather, Sam Houston Ellis. He fought with the Confederacy in Col. Ashby’s Company E, Tennessee 2nd Cavalry Regiment.  His grandfather was prominent Cherokee Native American warrior  Na-Wa-Te “The Gritt” A-Ni’-Sa-Ho’-Ni’ of the Blue Holly Clan. “The Gritt” was killed at the age of 54 in 1814 while fighting under Andrew Jackson at The Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

In 1830, President Andrew Jackson successfully passed “The Indian Relocation Act” through Congress. Native Americans were forcefully removed from their homes and relocated to Oklahoma under the promise they would receive money from the federal government. We have all read about the infamous “Trail of Tears” the Cherokee Nation was forced to endure.  Many decided to move back to their original homeland after a few years.

It should be no surprise that when the Civil War broke out, the Cherokee Nation aligned themselves with the Confederacy.  On October 28, 1861, they wrote a scathing indictment of the Northern Army. I would encourage you to read it here. One Cherokee Nation leader was actually a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. His name was Stand Watie.

No sane person would believe that all Cherokee Native Americans were fighting to protect the evil institution of slavery.

It is time to stand up to those intolerant bullies seeking to erase history, because if we don’t, you can bet they will be taking down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson next.