Main Street Patriots is thrilled to be joining forces  with Melanie Morgan,
Co-Founder of The Media Equality Project and Brian Maloney, Co-Founder to educate sponsors on “fake news” media outlets.

We strongly believe conservative groups need to pool  resources in order to battle the left and “fake news” media outlets in their attempts to bring down conservative media figures and president Donald Trump. We need to #FightFireWithFire.

Melanie and Brian’s  #OperationFightFireWithFire got it’s start April 26th when Fox News Personality Sean Hannity came under attack by the George Soros funded organization Media Matters for America. They posted Mr. Hannity’s advertisers on their website, and within a short period of time, he lost around a dozen sponsors, jeopardizing his job. Brian Maloney and Melanie Morgan, both former conservative talk show hosts and long-time friends with Hannity sprang into action, and organized a counter attack on the Left, mirroring Media Matters with an ‘educational opportunity’ successfully inviting his advertisers to come back. They broadened out, and slammed the advertisers of “Shakespeare in the Park” (Bank of America, Amex, and all dropped out.)

They were responsible for two sponsors that were peeled away from Rachel Maddow.

They are fighting back against the left’s attempt to undermine conservatives in media and have done an excellent three part series on the left’s “dirty” tactics. We encourage all our supporters to visit the link below and educate yourself on the left’s tactics…

Details of the three part series by Media Equalizer are here.

Please get active with StopTheScalpings STS  on Facebook. They have 106K committed activists who are working on educating sponsors about the lies, conspiracies, and VERY FAKE NEWS at CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, New York Times, and other places.

Please follow them on Twitter  SScalpings.