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Why Many Trump Conservatives Oppose the White House DACA Amnesty Plan

Why Many Trump Conservatives Oppose the White House DACA Amnesty Plan

Let us preface our objections by saying that we are strong defenders and supporters of President Trump. We have been on the front lines defending him. We think he is doing a great job and does not get the recognition he deserves. He knocked it of the ball park with his “State of the Union” address. Read More

Georgia Republican Legislators Want to Tax Netflix and other Streaming Video

This is unbelievable !!! Every time you turn around, a Republican Georgia legislator is introducing a bill to raise taxes. The bill that raises taxes is House Bill 887. You need to call Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, Speaker David Ralston and YOUR state legislator Monday and demand they kill this tax bill – HB 887 !!! (Article text is below) Read More

Join the Rebel Alliance and Support Pres. Trump

NOTE: NOT ONE DIME of the donations  go to pay salaries nor go to pay consultants.  We volunteer our time and just barely afford to pay for web site hosting and email service. We are less than a bare bones operation and are asking for donations to help pay for materials, Constant Contact, web site hosting, etc. Read More

Flags Across America

This Veterans Day weekend, Americans are uniting and sending a message to the NFL that we expect  players to honor the veterans and flag they fought under by standing for the National Anthem.  We will be honoring our nation’s veterans by honoring the flag they fought under. Read More

CNN Fake News Protest Sept. 9th

President Trump is expected to keep a campaign promise and end DACA soon. Reports are Friday or before Sept. 5th.  We need to be very vocal in our support of President Trump and ending DACA.

You can bet the left and fake news outlets will attack him with fake stories about ending DACA. . Read More

Stop Trying to Erase History!!

There is a disturbing trend from many on the left, operating as bullies, to erase history by removing Confederate statues that had stood for years. Many break the law by vandalizing the statues.  They claim those that fought with on the side of the Confederacy were fighting to protect the abhorrent institution of slavery so their memory deserved to be dishonored and erased. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it is a travesty to state that. Read More

Time for Trump supporters to get off the couch and go on offense

The Atlanta Falcons went into the locker room at half time with a 21-3 lead over the New England Patriots during this year’s Super Bowl.  The Falcons came out on fire to start the game and dominated the first half.

In the 3rd quarter, the Falcons offense began to sputter and it was apparent they had pivoted from agressively driving the ball down the field to put points on the board to playing it safe to just protect the lead. The Falcons offense was complacent and was going to rely on their defense to stop Brady the 2nd half and win the game.  Many viewed that as a huge mistake against a competitor like Tom Brady. Read More

Next CNN Fake News Protest – July 22nd

Very Fake News Scandal Consumes CNN

Excerpt from article above:

“Why does CNN even care about on camera briefings when they run ridiculous made up fake news stories?” Dooley told Breitbart News. “I am really beginning to wonder if Baghdad Bob is calling the shots at CNN. Jeff Zucker should definitely answer questions about the lack of journalistic integrity at CNN.” Read More

Joining Operation Fight Fire With Fire

Main Street Patriots is thrilled to be joining forces  with Melanie Morgan,
Co-Founder of The Media Equality Project and Brian Maloney, Co-Founder to educate sponsors on “fake news” media outlets.

We strongly believe conservative groups need to pool  resources in order to battle the left and “fake news” media outlets in their attempts to bring down conservative media figures and president Donald Trump. We need to #FightFireWithFire. Read More

Trump Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta to Decry Fake News will carry the “live stream” of the CNN protest tomorrow.  You may also view it on Main Street Patriots FaceBook Page.

Read the latest news below:

CNN Fake News Protest Picking up Steam Following Leftist Attack on GOP Lawmakers and Staff Read More

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